Family of Craig Sager Says His Leukemia Has Returned

craig sager leukemia returns

The basketball world got a bit of sad news last night. Beloved NBA and NCAA sideline reporter Craig Sager is back in the hospital less than a month after making his triumphant and much celebrated return. According to his son, his leukemia has returned.

Sager has already battled leukemia for the majority of the past year after taking a leave of absence from his duties at TNT. During that time he’s undergone chemotherapy, blood transfusions, and a bone marrow transplant.

Now he’ll have to do it all again. But the good news, judging by the statement from Craig Sager Jr,  is that everyone is remaining optimistic and upbeat:

“Sr. is battling his newest set of obstacles, but unlike the first time when everything was new, there is a blueprint in place and all focus is on one checkpoint at a time. Sr’s leukemia returned last week and he is undergoing a treatment that will be much like this time last year when he got rounds of chemo and prepared his body for a bone marrow transplant. The flu was going around and he caught it, but he was able to get his fever down and got to go home for the day before he returns to outpatient treatment in the morning. Beating the flu is a main priority right now. There are constant changes as we learned from the last 11 1/2 months but we will try to keep you as up to date as we can. 

“Thank you for all the Sager love.”

Of his first 11-month battle with leukemia, Craig Sager said, incredibly, that he never had a bad day mentally.

Hopefully he brings that same mental toughness to this latest round of treatment.

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