Greek Soccer Goal Leads to a Kick to the Head, Then a Brawl (Video)

Greek soccer

An incident involving two Greek soccer teams from 2013 has surfaced, and while it may not be timely, it’s plenty newsworthy in that it shows a gruesome spectacle on the pitch.

A player in a match between Asteras Exarchion and Hercules Peristeri scored a goal on a free kick.  Then that player’s teammate seemed to ruffle some feathers by kicking the ball again after it had already been ruled a goal. The goalie took him out in the box, before another opponent hit him in the head, knocking him to the ground. Finally, yet another opponent kicked the fallen player in the head as he laid on the field. 

The whole thing would be kind of funny if it wasn’t so violent and awful.

Here’s a good clip of the goings-on:

Of course, that series of events didn’t go unnoticed by the other team, and a big brawl breaks out. Right now, sites don’t seem to even have clarity on which team is which, but, considering this item is two years old, I’m not even sure it matters. It’s mostly just awful.

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