Michigan State Bagel Riot: Students Celebrate Final Four Berth by Throwing Bagels? (Videos)

michigan state bagel riot final four 2015

Unfortunately, riots have become commonplace in collegiate athletics. Pretty much every time schools in major “college towns” win (or lose) a championship in something, car windows get smashed, furniture gets set on fire, frat bros get arrested, and insurance companies start cranking out form letters rejecting all the claims they’re about to get from local business owners.

No town knows about college sports riots better than East Lansing, Michigan. In 1999, Michigan State students went berserk and caused over $500,000 worth of property damage after the Spartans lost to Duke in the Final Four. So it’s understandable that local business owners might be a little apprehensive with Michigan State in the Final Four again this year.

Fortunately, so far during this year’s run to the Final Four, things have been relatively tame in East Lansing. Sure, students gathered in large numbers after Michigan State knocked off Louisville over the weekend. But instead of flipping cars and lighting dumpsters on fire, they just threw a bunch of bagels into the air.

Seriously. Bagels. Take a look:

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Obviously, Twitter was both confused and amused:

Of course, they still had to call in the MSU riot cops:

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And a few people still insisted on more traditional forms of vandalism:

But as far as college sports riots go, a mass bagel toss ain’t so bad.

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