Duke’s Quinn Cook High Fives an Ecstatic Band Member (Video)

Quinn Cook

If you need a photographic representation of what the second week of March Madness looks like, this is a pretty good one. On the right-hand side, you’ve got some Duke band member freaking out because he touched a player (Duke‘s not that big of a school; you can probably touch players all the time). And on the left is some salty NCAA employee who looks like he’s got about seven more days before he gets to ship out and go home.

The cause of the freakout on the right was Duke’s Quinn Cook, who offered up a high five to the Duke band member. Here’s a video. It’s about as pedestrian as videos get, until the band guy freaks out. I bet he still hasn’t washed that hand.

Unrelated note: If band members want to get a little more dignity and be recognized for the talented performers they are, maybe they shouldn’t dress like Waldo. Or freak out when they touch a player. Ok, I guess that second suggestion was somewhat related to the video at hand.

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