NY’s Pix11 Uses ‘Seinfeld’ Clips to Promote Yankee Broadcasts (Video)


Say what you will about big-market teams, but they definitely can spend some cash when it comes to production values. It’s not like watching a Brewers promo that looks like it’s been shot with an iPhone.

NYC’s Pix11 pulled out a pretty big gun to let the world know that not only are they carrying Mets games this year, but Yankees games as well. You’d think there’d be a fair amount of conflict with so many games, but that’s the problem of Pix11, not mine.

Here we get the excitement of this news shared to us by the Seinfeld gang, who are by and large huge Yankee fans, friendships with Keith Hernandez aside. Check out the clip. It will probably make you want to watch Seinfeld more than a Yankee game, to be honest.

The Tampa Bay Rays are reportedly planning a counterstrike using Dharma & Gregg clips they bought the rights to for $71.