Organizers Play Wrong National Anthem for El Salvador Before Exhibition at FedEx Field (Videos)

wrong national anthem

When you host an international soccer match, there are lots of things you have to do to make it go off smoothly. However, perhaps the most important task from the perspective of international diplomacy is playing the right national anthems over the PA system.

Unfortunately for CMN Sports, the organizers of this past weekend’s El Salvador-Argentina game at FexEx Field, they totally blew it. As music began to play, the El Salvador players lined up on the field with their hands over their hearts, while fans throughout the stadium started waving El Salvador flags and banners.

However, the Himno Nacional de El Salvador sounds like:

But what they played at FedEx Field was actually this:

Clearly, that is the wrong national anthem. And when the El Salvador players realized it, they were visibly disgusted:

Pretty awful, right? I mean, if they had played this, people probably would have been more understanding:

But playing the anthem of another country altogether? That’s pretty inexcusable, since it takes about two minutes for anybody with an internet connection to find the right song.

Of course, the organizers of the game have officially apologized for the honest mistake:

But I still wouldn’t blame El Salvador if they didn’t come back to Washington any time soon.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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