13 Heroic Sideline Reporters Hit by Balls in the Line of Duty

sideline reporters hit by balls in the line of duty

What sports fans don’t have a good laugh when they see sideline reporters hit by balls? Comic relief is pretty much the only thing sideline reporters are good for.

That’s not to say sideline reporters aren’t talented journalists. Some of them definitely are. But it is to say their job is silly. The only thing they do is ask obvious, cliched questions to coaches, who in turn give them obvious, cliched answers. “Coach, what do you need to do to turn things around in the second half?” “Well, we need to play as a team, tighten things up on defense, and put a few more points on the board.” Thanks for the insight, guys.

Of course, back in the day, sideline reporters used to give us insights into what the game is actually like on the field. And that was cool. But now we have helmet cams and goal cams and ref cams and butt cams—cams literally everywhere. Who needs sideline reporters when we can see it all for ourselves?

So yeah, point is, sideline reporters give us, the fans, very little information we actually need or want. But at least they give us joy when they get whacked in the head by a stray ball. And today we’re going to take a look at 13 such sideline reporters hit by balls in the name of journalism.

Let’s get to it.



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