This 76ers Mascot Is Shooting…Something…at the Fans (Video)

76ers mascot

If you ever wondered what a six-foot tall, cat-like can of Silly Spray looks like, the 76ers mascot has you covered.

It’s pretty bizarre, and pretty gross. SB Nation refers to the projected material as a “white goo.” That’s scientific enough for our purposes.

The 76ers mascot shoots it into the crowd with cold, mechanical accuracy. It’s almost Terminator-like, if the Terminator’s purpose wasn’t to kill you, but to just weird you out.

Enough commentary. Take a look at the Vine which shows this weird dude in action:


Not only are the 76ers tanking their regular season, but they also seem like they’re blowing their mascot game as well. Maybe they think they could draft a new one, like the Philly Phanatic or Mavs Man, with a high enough pick.

Or maybe they just sort of pushed this idea through without thinking about how it would look once the snarky Internet got done with the footage.

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