9 Year-Old Girl Nails Center Ice Shot at an AHL Game (Video)

AHL game

I’m not sure what drew the masses to the Charlotte Checkers AHL game a few nights back, but they likely found that the game was well worth the price of admission after seeing 9 year-old Karleigh Nalette nail a shot from center ice. And it wasn’t like this was some open goal. Nope. Karleigh managed to slip the shot through a slotted board during a break between periods at the AHL game.

I don’t know how exciting an AHL game is normally, but that’s pretty cool.

Here’s the video:

Boom. Worthy of no less than Brett Hull, right there.

Karleigh was the first fan to EVER make this shot, and she got a new iPhone 6 for her troubles. Not a bad deal for a 9 year-old sniper.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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