Marc Gasol Rips Jersey in Half, Shows It Who’s Boss (Video)

marc gasol rips jersey

Look, jerseys. Marc Gasol is a world-class basketball player. He is not going to put up with your insubordination. If you fail to live up to his lofty, exacting standards, he will not hesitate to destroy you right there in front of your friends and family (i.e. other jerseys), live on regional cable television.

Just look what he did last night with the Grizzlies hosting the Kings. After his stupid jerk of a jersey humiliated him by making him miss what was probably the easiest jumper in the history of basketball, Gasol gripped the collar and ripped the thing wide open like some kind of wild beast (or Josh McRoberts.) And it was only the first quarter! It’s not like his jersey had wronged him time and time again. That was his jersey’s first strike!

If you’re not too squeamish, here’s a video of the mauling set to (what else?) Hulk Hogan‘s theme music:

So like I said, jerseys, don’t f— with this guy.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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