Mike Napoli Cranks a Home Run with a VERY Broken Bat (Video)

Mike Napoli

It looks like pre-season baseball got just a little more interesting last night with a broken bat home run from the Red Sox’ Mike Napoli.

Broken bat home runs are a sort of legendary benchmark for power hitters. I guess the story goes that if so much of the energy of the swing is going to crack wood in half, and there’s STILL enough power to get the ball out of the park, that power hitter is pretty damn strong.

And it’s pretty clear that this wasn’t like a hairline fracture or something. That bat comes clean apart just above the handle.

Here’s the clip:

I mean, that’s pretty impressive. As impressive as the beard? Whoa. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. They’re both pretty awesome.

I wish Mike Napoli could get double the runs for this homer. I also sorta wish it had happened during the regular season so it mattered. Oh well. Soon enough.

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