Paul Heyman Helps Girl Get Revenge on Boyfriend For WWE Finishing Moves (Video)

Paul Heyman gets revenge

Remember that dude who sent the internet into a frenzy when he released a video of himself performing WWE finishing moves on his girlfriend?  His name is Joe Weller, and recently Weller’s girlfriend was able to exact some revenge on her man with the help of WWE manager Paul Heyman.

Heyman enlisted the services of a few of his clients to assist him in this revenge ploy.  Kicking things off was “the first Paul Heyman girl,” Madusa, who sent Joe into the pool with a suplex, and followed that up with a drop kick from the top ropes (or the edge of the pool, depending on how you want to imagine this).

Then it was Brock Lesnar‘s turn to send a little message to Weller.  Of course, Lesnar wasn’t actually there, because as all WWE fans know, he’s not the type of guy who actually shows up to things all that often. But he did talk, and someone recorded it on camera.  So that’s something.

You can watch the entire segment, via HeymanHustle, below:

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