Target Cart Basketball Is Your New Favorite Kind of Basketball (Video)

target cart basketball

NCAA basketball is a ton of fun, and NBA basketball can be pretty spectacular. However, neither of them can compare to the awesomeness of Target cart basketball.

What is Target cart basketball? It’s exactly what it sounds like: basketball with a Target shopping cart as the hoop. Preferably played in Target, preferably to the chagrin of your annoyed and embarrassed girlfriend who’s just trying to mind her own business.

This new variant of the game James Naismith originally invented back in 1891 was created by a YouTube sketch comedian named Quias Omar. Most of his sketches are what you would call Muslim humor—he’s basically a regular dude who loves hip hop and basketball and happens to be Muslim. But in his latest video, inspired by March Madness, he went to Target in a ridiculous basketball outfit and filmed himself dunking over, under, and through his girlfriend.

It’s so good, they’ll probably rename the basketball hall of game the Omar Memorial Hall of Fame in a couple of years. Take a look:

Hopefully Target cart basketball will catch on, and people will start doing this to random strangers at Targets all around the country.

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