Boxer’s Cell Phone Falls Out Of His Pocket During Fight (Video)

Boxer's Cell Phone Falls Out Of Pocket

I’m not sure what this boxer’s cell phone was doing in his pocket during a fight.  Perhaps he was expecting an important call from his mother. Or maybe he was hoping to use it to get some Final Four updates between rounds.

To be honest, I never even knew boxing short had pockets, but apparently they do.  And Marvin “Papi Gallo” Jones used them to store his cell phone during Friday’s bout against Ramon Luis Nicolas in Arcadia, Florida.  Not surprisingly, he would end up losing his phone in the ring shortly after the opening bell, causing a delay in the fight so the ref could pick it up.

Check it out:

Shortly after, Jones would go on to lose the bout via a first round KO.

That phone call he was waiting for must have been an important one—important enough to take his mind off the fight.

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