Drake Videobombs TNT Announcers During GS-LAC Game (Video)

Drake videobombs

It’s not a good week in sports unless we can report something about Drake making an appearance at at least one sporting event. Last night, he made his presence known at the Staples¬†Center as he dropped in on TNT’s Mike Fratello and Kevin Calabro.

Here’s the clip:

Drake videobombs these guys with the enthusiasm of a drunk minor league hockey fan.

Aren’t you getting enough press, Drake? Do you really need to ham it up while the GREAT basketball minds are dissecting the game? I mean, treat Kevin Calabro with the respect he deserves! I’m not actually sure that he deserves any respect, but maybe he does.

As for the fans, it’s hard to tell it they’re¬†excited that Drake is getting in on the action, or if they don’t even notice Drake, and they’re just drunk and looking to screw up the broadcast. Either way, it’s fun to watch them try their damnedest.

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