Jameis Winston Leads Receiver into Cameraman at Pro Day (Video)

Jameis Winston

A lot of controversy has been surrounding Jameis Winston. His leadership, off-field behavior, and even his weight have all been the recent subject of speculation as he’s shaping up to be the first-overall pick in this year’s draft. However, we hadn’t heard a lot of people speculating on his passing accuracy, though that may change¬†after Jameis Winston lofted this deep pass at a Tallahassee pro day WAY out of bounds, leading receiver Christian Green to chase it straight into a defenseless cameraman.¬†

Here’s the video. The look on Winston’s face at the end sort of says it all:

The announcers refuse to even acknowledge the incident, instead sticking to their allegory about Winston meeting with the Bucs.

To Winston’s credit, the pass only appeared to be about two yards off the mark, which makes me think that the fault lies more with Christian Green for being unable to put on the brakes. In any event, Jameis Winston seems to be taking pains to make himself the leader that teams want to see. Whether or not those qualities will last is anyone’s guess, but at least he’s trying, right?

Now if he could just lose about 25 pounds in the offseason (which I think he can), he might actually start to look like a franchise quarterback.

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