Post-WrestleMania Monday Night RAW Crowd Directs Lewd Chants at WWE Divas (Video)

monday night raw crowd lewd chants at divas

Every WWE fan knows that the episode of Monday Night RAW following WrestleMania is always the best one of the year. Not only are all the wrestlers in peak form, but the Monday Night RAW crowd is always jacked up like a nine-year-old on a three-day sugar bender.

Unfortunatley, if fans are underwhelmed by the Monday Night RAW following WrestleMania, this is a recipe for disaster. And on this past Monday, at the Monday Night RAW following WrestleMania 31, fans were underwhelmed. So they heckled everybody with chants, but especially the Divas, who were the subject of some pretty vulgar chants.

During the big Divas match near the end of the night, fans started chanting “You suck Cena” at Nikki Bella. Then they chanted “You suck Tyson” at Natalya, and “You suck Bryan” at Brie Bella. Basically, whoever a Diva is “dating” or “married to”—some relationships are real, some are fake—the crowd chanted “You suck [that guy].”

Things actually got so bad that the WWE had to turn down the crowd volume for the TV broadcast, lest it become too obvious what the crowd was chanting.

It was all pretty classless. Taunting a woman by saying she performs oral sex on a man with whom she is in a relationship? I’m not an expert on feminism, but that seems pretty misogynistic to me.

Stay classy, wrestling fans…to whatever extent that’s possible.

Hat Tip – [Wrestle Zone]

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