Bengals Troll Browns with “Fresh New Look” on April Fool’s Day (Pics)

new browns logo

Back in February, the Cleveland Browns announced some fairly minor tweaks to their helmets and logos. Basically, the orange was a little brighter, plus Swagger Dog and the official wordmark font were a little more sleek and modern. It was probably interesting for Browns fans and uniform geeks, but ultimately not a big deal.

The problem? In an email to season ticket holders and in official press releases, the Browns made it sound like it was going to be a big deal. Thus, when they unveiled the tiny little changes most fans would never have noticed, everybody made jokes at their expense—including the Cincinnati Bengals.

However, the Bengals didn’t share their Browns jokes with the world right away. They saved them for April Fool’s Day, when everybody gets a free pass to make fun of people.

This was a wise choice. Take a look at the new (fake) logos the Bengals announced on Wednesday:

bengals troll browns april fools 1

bengals troll browns april fools 3

bengals troll browns april fools 2

Haha Browns, they burned you good. You’d better make sure those new uniforms you’re unveiling on April 14 are actually worth the hype, or else you’re never going to live any of this down.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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