This Blazers-Clippers Play Had Junk-Punching and Flopping (Videos)

Blazers-Clippers Chris Paul groin punch

While this Blazers-Clippers game is and was noteworthy due to the fiercely competitive Western Conference playoff race, there are some simpler reasons why this game was so compelling. And they both came during this play in which Chris Paul punched/grabbed Chris Kaman’s junk (LIVIN’ THE DREAM, CHRIS PAUL!), and then Glen “Big Baby” Davis flopped with all the grace of a skyscraper being demolished.

It seriously took Davis about half an hour to hit the ground in this Blazers-Clippers skirmish.

Here are the two back-to-back clips:


And the falling Big Baby: 

Upon further review, I should probably mention that Kaman shoved Paul to the ground for grabbing his junk as well.

Overall, a great game. I give it three thumbs up.

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