Brazilian Soccer Player Flips Off His Own Fans, Gets Ejected (Video)

brazilian soccer player fabricio flips off his own fans

This is Fabricio. Fabricio is a Brazilian soccer player who plays for Internacional in the Campeonato Gaucho (top flight state competition) and the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (top flight national competition).

What’s probably obvious to you after looking at the screen shot above is that Fabricio is not happy with somebody. What’s probably less obvious is that the people with whom Fabricio is not happy are his own fans.

On Wednesday night, Internacional hosted Ypiranga at the 50,000 seat Estádio Beira-Rio in Porto Alegre for a Compeonato Gaucho match. About 60 minutes into the game, with Internacional fans continually expressing their distaste for Fabricio, he decided to let them know he didn’t care for them either by flipping the old double-bird.

Unfortunately, the referee was not amused. So he gave Fabricio a straight red card, at which point the home crowd actually cheered, which is both shocking and understandable at the same time.

Meanwhile, Fabricio stormed off the field, visibly upset, still yelling at the fans.

Take a look:

You don’t see that everyday, do you?

I have no idea why Internacional fans hated this guy so much before he told them all to f–k off. But I certainly know why they hate him now.

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