High School Player Throws Down a Dunk Over Four Guys (Video)

dunk over four guys

Derrick Jones might not be at the very top of anyone’s recruiting list, but he does have a bright future for himself at UNLV this fall. And if that’s not enough, he can always sleep well knowing he can dunk over four guys, as he proved in this slam dunk contest.

Is it as impressive as dunking over four guys in a game? Well, yes and no. Yes because it’s very difficult to convince opposing players to stand still in one straight line on defense, and no because slam dunk scenarios are so contrived that they speak very little to what a player can actually do in a game.

Take a look at the painfully vertical video:

Ok. That’s pretty cool. And the crowd sure seemed to like it. I’m guessing that Derrick Jones thought this dunk over four guys would also impress @McDAAG, whoever that is.

To no one’s surprise, Jones won the contest.

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