Jockey Falls Off Horse at Worst Possible Time, Crashes Into Hurdle (Video)

jockey falls off horse worst possible time

There is never really a good time to fall off a horse, but some times are probably better than others.

For example, it’s probably better to fall off a horse while prancing around in a grassy meadow than, say, during a race. And if you absolutely must fall off during a race, it’s probably better to fall off while galloping along the middle of the track than, say, right before your horse is about to jump over a hurdle.

British amateur jockey Lewis Ferguson knows what I’m talking about. He was riding a horse named Merion Square in a race at Wincanton in Somerset (England) recently when his horse swerved off course at the last hurdle. This caused Ferguson to lose his balance, fall off, and plow right into the fence, whereupon he flew up into the air, did a summersault, and landed on his head on the other side.

Incredibly, after all that, the 18-year-old just stood up, dusted himself off, and walked away unscathed…save for a sore neck.

Oh, and the horse was okay too.

I know what they say about falling off the horse and getting back on, but if that happened to me I’d be like, man, f— the horse, I’m done.

Hat Tip – [BBC]

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