The Knicks Huddle Up For a Buzzer-Beating Airball (Video)

Knicks buzzer-beating airball

It’s the year of the Knicks. Not in one of those “Gee, the Knicks sure are doing well,” instances, but one of those “God, have we ever seen a team stink the way the Knicks stink this year?” It’s their year to sink below the competition. And sunk they have.

In this fun little edited clip, we see the Knicks huddling up for a last-second play against the Nets, to whom they were losing 100-98. They formulate and agree to a plan.

Then Cleanthony Early gets the ball and launches it up from about five feet behind the line, about 1.5 seconds too early, and airballs it.


Here’s the well-edited Vine:

You can’t coach that. You can’t coach anything the Knicks do, really.

Beyond that, there’s not much analysis to be done here. The Knicks are really bad, and this video is just Exhibit W to that point. But it’s still funny to watch.


Hat Tip – [Vinnyviner]

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