Youth Baseball Player Hurdles Catcher, Like a Boss (Video)

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Youth baseball player hurdles catcher? Sure, okay. What are we talking about here, like a 14-year-old youth baseball player, or maybe a 13-year-old youth baseball player?

Nope. Try an 11-year-old youth baseball player. His name is Devin Avedissian, and he plays for the San Diego Force U-11 team. In the semifinals of the 2015 San Marcos Wood Bat Tournament held this week in San Marcos, California, Devin scored a run on a wild pitch by leaping up and over the opposing catcher.

Of course, he didn’t do a flip or a summersault, or anything like that. But seeing as how Devin is just 11 years old, we think hurdling the catcher, landing cleanly, and nonchalantly running to the dugout after being called safe is pretty damn good.

Yep, that was a sick play. This kid is in the fifth grade and he’s already a better athlete than I ever was.

And in case you were wondering…yes, that was a legal play. You are not allowed to leap over the catcher in some leagues, particularly some high school leagues, but you can at San Marcos. So the run counted, and the Force would go on to win the U11 division.

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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