Oh, Man, These Final Four Photo Booth Pics Are Painful (Pics and Tweets)

final four photo booth

While the Final Four tournament may be one of the highlights of the American sports calendar, we have to remember that the athletes involved are mostly 19 year-old kids that don’t know how to act like they’ve been there before. Which is fine. In fact, it’s charming. So it’s not like these Final Four photo booth pics are going to make anyone angry, but Geez.

It looks like they wandered into a Bar Mitzvah or prom or something.

Take a look at Kentucky and Wisconsin doing…this:

Dude in the middle looks like he is just there wearing what he normally does.

Then we got the Wildcats:

Can’t tell if the glasses on this guy in the middle are a costume or if they’re there for his vision. Oh well.

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