Russian Hockey Coach Loses His Shirt in Sexy, Sexy Brawl (Video)

Russian hockey coach

What is it about Russians running around with no shirts on? We see Putin running around on horsebacks and fishing without a shirt, and now we’ve got a Russian hockey coach (who kind of looks like Putin) on the ice after a brawl, completely shirtless.

The whole video, even outside of the shirtless Russian hockey coach, is pretty entertaining.

The high points are:

Two teams minor league KHL teams, THC and Izhstal, went head to head and in the second period, when the THC coach argued about a call he didn’t like, one thing led to another, a brawl started, and a shirt was somehow removed.

Here’s the video:

Fantastic. But not as great as this kid in the crowd:

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 9.52.42 AM

Is that kid a hipster? I can’t even tell any more. But someone shield his eyes from the shirtless Russian hockey coach!

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