This Ski Line, Captured on a GoPro, Is Flat-Out Insane (Video)

ski line

While the whole selfie/GoPro culture can feel pretty narcissistic at times, the latter does serve a pretty cool purpose. The company launched a contest to see who could put together the single best ski line of the year. And seeing as how the ski year is largely over in most of the world, we have a winner.

The best ski line of the year, from GoPro, who have probably seen some good ones, is Léo Taillefer, who recorded this two weeks ago in Italy.

Words don’t really convey much of this feat, so just take a look. It’s worth the few minutes it takes:

Pretty awesome, no? That screencap I used looks like it may have been the end for ole’ Leo, but he makes it work, with flair.

I haven’t seen the other entries, but I’m entirely willing to believe that this was the best ski line of the year, captured on camera, at least.

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