The 9 Biggest Rip-Offs for Sports Fans

biggest rip-offs for sports fans 2

Word came down from high atop the mountain (the Internet) yesterday that the price tag for the Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather fight would be a record-setting $99, and if for some bizarre reason you didn’t want an HD broadcast, congrats. Your price is only $89. Whee! Ten dollar savings!

It’s no surprise that the price of the fight is so high, given the public’s anticipation, but where does this rank among the biggest rip-offs for sports fans? We went through a roster of them (there’s no shortage), and this pricing wouldn’t even make the list, if only because it’s a one-time hit, and many of the entries here are repeated hits to sports fans’ wallets, making them the biggest rip-offs.

Take a look as we navigate the crasser, greedier side of sports. The side that’s engineered to take your ticket money, then your beer money, and your parking money, then have the nerve to charge you for a seat license before we even get to those.

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