Erik Spolestra Gives Refs an Awesome Example of Flopping (GIF)


Erik Spoelstra flops

Wanna know what flopping looks like? I’m sure the refs received some examples during their training, but in case they didn’t, Erik Spolestra would like to show us.

According to the Miami Heat coach, flopping looks like a fabulous angel gliding across a room.

Take note, LeBron. This is what you look like when you go shooting across the floor due to a half-assed screen. It’s not the most masculine image in the world, but it does look like Erik Spolestra is enjoying himself, so that’s something. It looks like he’s about to head up to the mothership, actually.

Here’s a GIF:

Erik Spolestra

Unfortunately, the crowd’s attention is elsewhere, so he’s not getting the reaction he deserves. That’s ok. The Internet will preserve this little move for a long, long, long, long time.

Thank God.

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