Pistons’ Reggie Jackson Sinks an Underhand Prayer Shot (Video)

Reggie Jackson

There’s that adage that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Reggie Jackson of the Pistons seemed to be that broken clock yesterday in a game against the Bulls. With less than a second left on the shot clock, and very few options, Jackson took to snaking around his defender, then lobbing (underhanded, mind you) a 20 foot prayer that found its way in.

That description probably doesn’t cut it, so let’s go to the tape. Here’s the miracle play in question:

Mr. October strikes again!

Unfortunately for Reggie Jackson and his Pistons, they were down ten at the time of this shot, and they lost by six, so they needed about three more of these things to stay in the game.

Oh, well. Still kinda cool. Jackson might have a career in the PBA after his NBA career. In that screencap above, he looks like a hood ornament or something. I could see this likeness gracing the presence of a Roll-Royce, or at least a Fiat. I hope we can get a few more action poses from Reggie Jackson over the course of the next few games, ’cause this is kinda fun.

Is it too much to ask for one of him somersaulting next?

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