Pathetic Final Four Fan Proposes to Reporter Allie LaForce (Video)

Allie Laforce

Oh, man. This is bad. Bad for everyone. It’s bad enough that Allie LaForce probably has to deal with all sorts of comments and innuendo after the fact due to her looks, but this incident might be a new level. Here, while reporting at the Final Four, Allie LaForce gets interrupted by some schlub in a Michigan State jersey who proposes to her.

Not that it really matters in the context of this story, but Allie LaForce is already married, happily, I presume, to Angels pitcher Joe Smith. I’m guessing she’s got a good thing going with him, and doesn’t really need to entertain the offer by a fan whose team got WIPED OUT by Duke.

Here’s the video. Don’t hurt yourself cringing.

Yikes. I know that what the guy’s doing is probably not a crime, but things like this aren’t an isolated incident. I bet he yells at waiters and honks his horn at hot girls.

Oh, and at the risk of spoiling the whole thing, she said “no.”

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