FC Dallas Coach Offers Up a Used Tissue to Opposing Coach (Video)

fc dallas

Earlier, we had run a story about childish behavior among players in soccer. Well, let’s not forget about how petty coaches can be as well. FC Dallas coach Oscar Pareja may have lost Saturday night’s MLS match, 3-1, but he was going to get the last word in.

And by “last word,” I mean “snotty tissue.”

Yep. Dallas’ leader of the team and chief strategist, instead of offering up a post-game handshake, handed a used tissue to the coach of the Portland Timbers, Caleb Porter.

Yup. A used tissue.

The announcer, at a total loss, just offers up, “Interesting.” Yup. I suppose it is.

The Timbers coach, also at a loss, made the following statement:

I walked over to shake his hand and he had a tissue that he put over his nose and tried to hand me a tissue,” [Porter] said in the postgame press conference. “So I thought it was very poor sportsmanship out of him [Pareja]. I never said one word to him the whole game and he obviously wasn’t happy with the loss.


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