Neymar Tried To Blow His Nose on an Opposing Player (Video)


Even casual soccer fans have learned how petty the highest level of soccer can be thanks to several incidents at the World Cup. But it’s still surprising to see someone as esteemed as Neymar resorting to childish gestures to irk opponents.

Note that the video says “Neymar throws out his mucus on Hugo Mallo.” ¬†That YouTube description sounds like it was run through a translator that doesn’t know what a “snot rocket” is. Probably for the best. It’s not one of the better colloquialisms in the English language.

In any event, here’s the snot rocket from Neymar to Hugo in the Barcelona-Celta Vigo match:

What athleticism! Both with the snot rocket and the retaliating shove! Truly a contest to remember!

Anyway, for every remarkable soccer moment we witness from¬†great athletes competing on a global stage, we seem to get about 12 of these instances. I’m not sure that ratio is any high or lower than other sports, but the antics in soccer often seem more childish.

Hat Tip – [Inside Spanish Football]

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