Yankees Fan Tries To Throw Back Home Run Ball, Fails (Video)

Yankees Fan Throw-Back Ball Fail

It was a rough day for the New York Yankees during their home opener earlier today against the Toronto Blue Jays. They managed just three hits of their own, while starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka was roughed up for five third inning runs during a 6-1 drubbing.

And as brutal as things were on the field for the Yanks, the scene in the stands wasn’t any better, especially when cameras caught a glimpse of this female Yankees fan as she tried to throw back an Edwin Encarnacion home run ball, and failed miserably.

Check it out:


Let’s all hope this is not a one-off, but rather an indication of things to come for the Evil Empire this season—unless you’re a Yankees fan, in which case, f*&k you.

Hat Tip – [Cork Gains]

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