12-Year-Old Boy Wins ESPN Tournament Challenge (Video)

12-year-old boy wins NCAA Tournament Challenge

If I told you that a 12-year-old could fill out a better March Madness bracket than you can, you’d probably take that as an insult. But you shouldn’t.  That’s because a 12-year-old really can fill out a better March Madness bracket than you, as well as 11.57 million other people, which is exactly what twelve-year-old Sam Holtz did during this year’s ESPN Tournament Challenge.

Thanks to Duke’s 68-63 victory over Wisconsin on Monday night, Sam finished in a tie for first place in this year’s ESPN Tournament Challenge with one other participant, and he also won the tiebreaker.  So how did he do it?  Simple.  He just picked the teams he liked the most, and voila!

According to the rules of the contest, ESPN will now take those who finished in the top one percent of their Bracket Challenge and conduct a draw for the grand prize, which includes a $20,000 Best Buy gift card and a trip to the 2015 Maui Invitational.  Unfortunately for Sam, he may not be eligible to be entered in the draw, as the rules state that participants must be at least 18-years-old in order to have a shot at winning the grand prize.

That sucks, but it doesn’t seem as though it’s dampened the spirits of young Sam Holtz, who spoke about his big win with WGN News this morning.  You can watch the interview in the video below:

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