35 Best GIFs of the 2015 NCAA Tournament

wisconsin teletubby best gifs of the 2015 ncaa tournament

The 2015 NCAA Tournament is over. The dancing is done. The madness has ceased. The Duke Blue Devils are your 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions. And we’re all about to go through some pretty serious college hoops withdrawal.

The good news? There’s always this list of the best GIFs of the 2015 NCAA Tournament. It’s not quite as entertaining as actual March Madness basketball, but it’s still pretty good. We’ve got some clutch shots, impressive blocks, weird fans, creepy mascots, controversial plays, exasperated coaches, and—last but never least—plenty crying. So it ought to help ease the transition back to ordinary life.

But talk is cheap. Let’s get to the best GIFs of the 2015 NCAA Tournament, shall we?

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