Barack Obama Trash Talking Paul Pierce Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch Today (Video)

Barack Obama Trash Talking Paul Pierce

Barack Obama trash talking Paul Pierce is probably one of the last things you’d expect to see on the Presidential basketball court.  After all, Obama doesn’t seem like much of a trash-talker.  And even if he was, what are the chances of him ever getting the better of Pierce?

Well, you’re not going to believe it, but President Obama actually did get the better of Paul Pierce during the Washington Wizards’ visit to the White House in support of the NBA Fit program on Monday. And after beating Pierce, the Commander-in-chief wasted no time letting him have it right there in front of everyone.

Luckily, someone captured it on camera. And it was posted on the Wizards’ Instagram account.  Check it out:

A video posted by @washwizards on

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