The Nationals Presidents’ Race Featured a Vicious Bunny (Video)

Presidents' race

If you’re a fan of awesome things, you’ll probably want to stick around for this. The Nationals, situated in the capital of the United States, have long conducted a race of mascots (I guess) dressed up as former presidents. Cute enough. However, this year they introduced a foreign body into the race, and all hell broke loose. It was terrific.

That foreign body was the Easter Bunny, and after this year’s opening day¬†Presidents’ race, they may want to get him tested for rabies or tetanus or…something. Because that bunny went ballistic.

Here’s the tape:

Teddy Roosevelt: Speak softly and carry a bi-

Easter Bunny: F*CK YOU! (BODY SLAM)

That’s my re-enactment. I’m pretty happy with it.

I guess this means that the Easter Bunny is our president now. ALL HAIL OUR NEW LEADER.

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