This Sad Wisconsin Teletubby Will Break Your Heart (Video)

Wisconsin Teletubby

There are few things sadder than a grown man (college kids are a runner-up) in a costume when things aren’t going his way—which is always a risk when you’re dressing up for an athletic event. Remember that old man that dressed up at the World Cup? He broke our heart. Of course, we have more sympathy for an old man than we do for this dude dressed as a Wisconsin Teletubby, but it’s sad all the same.

Check him out. Every time he puts on that Wisconsin Teletubby costume to have sex after a furry convention, he’s going to think about that national championship loss to Duke.

I can’t help but feel that the color of his get-up is a little off. I think that’s more of a Sun Devil red than a Wisconsin red, but I’m sure custom Teletubby suits are not cheap, so this guy had to make due with what’s off the rack.

Anyway, I assume he woke up today feeling better, took the suit to the cleaners to get the urine stains steamed out, and is now getting on with his life.

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