Wisconsin Fan Jumps From Streetlight…After They Lose (Video)

Wisconsin Fan jump from streetlight

You have to love sports fans, and college sports fans in particular. College students have so much time on their hands that they’re pretty much begging to riot or party or…something after a game. Win or lose.

This Wisconsin fan in particular is a strange case, if only because he scaled a streetlight pole (in celebration? mourning?) then jumped off it from about 15 feet into a crowd of Badger fans.


Here’s the video:

It’s hard to know exactly what was going on here, but this all seems to boil down to a case of this Wisconsin fan, and all the other Wisconsin fans in the street, just being kinda bored and dumb.

Granted, he could have hurt a lot of people with that jump, but college kids don’t really get hurt, so it’s fine.*

(*Yes they do. Often.)

Lord knows what he would have done if the Badgers had actually won.

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