Wrigley Field Resorts to Porta-Potties To Fix Bathroom Lines (Pic)

Wrigley Field

Yesterday, we shared with you some very fun pics of ridiculous bathroom lines and piss cups that fans had to deal with due to the renovations of Wrigley Field that bled into opening day. Now, the big guns have arrived in the form of…porta-potties.


If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to fix the stadium experience for Cubs fans, it’s slightly larger, more private piss cups that also hold excrement. I’m surprised they’re not jacking up ticket prices to subsidize this wonderful amenity.

On opening night at Wrigley Field, lines were stretching around the concourse as patrons had to deal with several closed facilities. This temporary solution is not exactly a luxurious one, but it might keep the lines down to dozens of people, rather than hundreds.

In any event, it’s a surefire sign of defeat by the stadium team. Any time you have to bring porta-potties for your guests in an indoor environment, it’s a pretty good sign of defeat.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]


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