Brett Lawrie Struck Out 4 Time on Just 12 Pitches (Video)

Brett Lawrie Golden Sombrero

I think we can all agree that two games isn’t nearly enough to begin to gauge a player’s success with a new team. It’s not even enough time to get used to seeing a player in a new uniform. However, that likely won’t stop A’s fans from squirming a little when it comes to Brett Lawrie and his four strikeouts last night.

That’s called a golden sombrero, folks, and Brett Lawrie achieved it with only 12 pitches. Lawrie was traded from the Toronto Blue Jays in the offseason, and this is just his second game with the A’s.

It’s hard not to think of Josh Hamilton when you think of a player just falling apart with a new team. While no one would argue that Brett Lawrie is a Rangers-era Josh Hamilton, you have to admit that they both have pretty sweet arm tattoos. And that’s something. But Blue Jays fans have to be breathing a sigh of relief when seeing a headline like this.

Here’s a rapid-fire look at all four strikeouts:

And here’s a Tweet that tracks the pitches, which is pretty fun to read:

Consistency, thy name is Lawrie. The good news is, it’s good to get a slump like this over with early in the season.

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