Pacer Chris Copeland and Two Women Stabbed in NYC (Video)

Chris Copeland

Indiana Pacer forward Chris Copeland was stabbed outside 1Oak nightclub in Manhattan last night as he exited with a woman, Katrine Saltara.

Sources from ESPN are saying that she was approached by a man outside the club, and when Chris Copeland told him to get lost, he stabbed Copeland. Saltara, in a somewhat heroic move, jumped on the guy’s back and put him in a chokehold, but she got her arm slashed by the man while doing so.

As if that’s not crazy enough, another women was stabbed in the stomach during the incident.

As if THAT wasn’t crazy enough, two Atlanta Hawks players who were also there, Pero Antic and Thabo Sefolosha, were arrested for obstruction of justice for interfering with the authorities trying to start their investigation into the Copeland incident. What the hell they were doing to interfere with a police investigation is anyone’s guess, but I’m sure the story will be sufficiently bizarre when it surfaces.

Man, 1Oak sounds like one crazy nightclub!


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