Ex-NFL Player Dwight Jones Allegedly Starved Dog to Death

Dwight Jones


Former UNC player and undrafted free agent Dwight Jones has been arrested on a felony count of killing an animal by starvation when it was discovered that a dead, malnourished pitbull was found in his backyard after a 14-degree night. Another dog on the property was found malnourished, but alive. The dogs were discovered on February 19th, but Jones was just charged on Tuesday following a necropsy on the dead dog.

Dwight Jones made a name for himself in high school as a standout football and basketball player, then went on to UNC, where he played for four years. He then signed with the Texans in 2012 as an undrafted free agent, but left the team shortly thereafter to care for his ailing son, who eventually died of an existing condition.

Jones has previously been charged with a litany of things in February of ’14, including assault on a female, injury to personal property, injury to real property, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Sounds like a pretty busy night for the man.

Hat Tip – [Times-News]


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