Mariners Fan Catches Ball With Popcorn Bucket (Video)

Mariners Fan Popcorn Bucket Catch

We’ve already showed you the first field intruder of the 2015 MLB regular season, and now we bring you the first great fan catch of the year.

It comes via last night’s AL West match-up between the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels at Safeco Field. ¬†With David Freese at the plate in the top of the second inning, the Angels’ third baseman slapped a ball into the stands that was snagged by the popcorn bucket of some crafty Mariners fan.

Check it out:

I’ve always wondered whether a $10 bucket of popcorn was worth sacrificing for a souvenir baseball and five-minutes of fame. ¬†This Mariners fan obviously thought it was a worthwhile exchange.

Hat Tip – [MLB]

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