30 Most Ridiculous Ballpark Food Items of the 2015 MLB Season

crazy ballpark food

Ballpark food used to be simple fare. You had your peanuts. You had your Cracker Jack. You had your encased meats. And, if you were really lucky, you had your nachos. That was pretty much it, and people liked it, because they were there to watch baseball, not go on a gastronomical adventure.

Thing are different now. Today we expect more for the price of admission than a baseball game. We expect hidden ball games on the jumbotron, we expect t-shirt cannons firing tiny bundles of swag between innings, and most of all, we expect insane ballpark food dreamed up by a carny on acid. Because this is American, dammit. (Unless it’s Canada.) More is always better.

Today, to celebrate the start of the 2015 MLB season, we’re going to take a look at some of the most ridiculous ballpark food options that will be clogging fans’ arteries over the next six months. If you were thinking of taking a road trip to watch some baseball this summer, you’ll definitely want to factor these into your plans. Unless you’re counting calories, in which case never mind.

Gros appetit!


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