Powerlifter Tears His Quads From the Bone During Lift! (Video)

Here’s the video. I didn’t look at the incident, but boy did I hear it:

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In case your day has been nice and breezy so far, it’s our pleasure to offer to take it in a very different direction with this video. A powerlifter named Tommy Dolan (I think he might be Irish!) competing in the Irish Powerlifting Organization National Championships (I knew it!) tried to squat 618 pounds.

It went about as bad as it could possibly go.

I mean, he didn’t die, but he did manage to tear his quads from the bone. And if you’re wondering if that makes an ungodly awful sound, it does. Judging by this powerlifter’s face, it also hurts real bad. REAL BAD.

He was trying for 617 pounds to set a personal best, up from 616. Probably his first mistake.

This is a pretty gruesome video. I should probably have put that above the clip so that people would have that explicit information before watching, but you sort of know what you’re getting into here. I mean, if you don’t want to watch gruesome injuries, maybe you should stay clear of powerlifter accident videos.

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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