Apparently Grabbing Tiger Woods Nipple Is the New Secret Masters Handshake (Photo)

Masters Golf

This week Tiger Woods announced that his hiatus from competition is over, and that he will indeed play in the 2015 Masters.

Obviously, this is great news for everybody who loves the game of golf, including the PGA, its fans, and other professional golfers. However, nobody—and I mean nobody—is more excited to have Tiger back than Steve Stricker.

Why is Stricker so excited? I have no idea. All I know is that, when Stricker saw Tiger out on the course at Augusta this week, he was so excited he just grabbed himself a big ol’ handful of Tiger Woods nipple.

That’s right. The keyword for the post is Tiger Woods nipple.

Take a look:


I knew they have a lot of quirky traditions at The Masters, like green blazers and pimento cheese sandwiches, but their secret handshake is just too kinky for my taste.

Hat Tip – [Golf Channel]

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