Tropicana Field Invader Nearly Escapes Over Center Field Wall (Videos)

tropicana field invader escapes over center field wall

Well, that didn’t take long. Three days into the 2015 MLB season, and we’ve already got our first idiot running onto the field.

It happened on Tuesday night in St. Petersburg, during the Rays-Orioles game. (That’s right. The Rays don’t actually play in Tampa Bay.) Some guy ran out onto the abomination that is the Trop’s artificial turf to shake the hand of Rays outfielder Desmond Jennings. Then he took off on a mad dash for center field, evading security guards and actually making it up and over the fence.

Just look at the Tropicana Field invader go:

Of course, running onto the field is bad, and you shouldn’t do it because this will happen:

But come on, you have to admit the Tropicana Field invader was as least somewhat entertaining.

Maybe not as entertaining as this guy. And definitely not as entertaining as this guy. But entertaining nonetheless.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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