Dallas Police Investigating Aqib Talib Nightclub Assault that Led to Shots Being Fired


Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib is no stranger to trouble. Since joining the NFL in 2008, he’s gotten into a fistfight with a teammate, assaulted a taxi driver, and (allegedly) fired a gun at his sister’s boyfriend.

So news of a Dallas Police investigation into a possible Aqib Talib nightclub assault? Hardly shocking.

The incident in question occurred around 2 a.m. on Wedesnday morning. What we know is that three men got into a scuffle with a fourth individual inside a bar. As they were being escorted out, one of the three allegedly pointed a gun at the fourth. Then, when they got outside, one of the three fired shots into the air.

Presumably, Aqib Talib and his brother, Taqub Talib, were among the trio being escorted out. We do not know who the third is, nor do we know who fired the shots. But police caught up with Aqib and Taqub at another location and towed their cars away to search for forensic evidence. So they probably suspect one of the two was the shooter.

Whatever they find in the cars, hopefully the Dallas Police triple check the finger prints before taking any action. Last June, Taqub Talib was arrested for throwing bottles and causing a disturbance outside a club where an NFL camp after party was being held. But the police mistakenly announced that it was Aqib who had been arrested—a mistake for which they had to issue a formal apology.

Hat Tip – [Denver Post]

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